A Billion Hour

At present scenario, Entrepreneurs’ has become one of the most important roles to be played in every society for social development. It has become a trend where the development in various sectors is being neutralist using natural resource for benefits/profit base. Therefore, Earth Friendly Generation (EFG) under its project “A Billion Hours Project” is aiming to promote local entrepreneurs’ also makes the entrepreneurs’ to use Natural Resources judiciously to preserve and protect the environment in the State.

Waste Free Nagaland

Improper management of wastes and waste products can lead to many problems in the area. It can lead to social tension and conflict over the issue. Negligence of waste management can lead to blockage on drainage and clogging during monsoon and a breeding ground for mosquitoes as it can lead to various diseases. There is no one to take initiative to tackle the issue of garbage or waste pollution; instead, people keep on discussing the problem. This is encouraging the problem to grow bigger day by day. Thus Earth Friendly Generation (EFG) as an organization focusing on the environment, being responsible have taken this initiative to save the people and our Mother Earth before it is too late. Looking into this condition, Earth Friendly Generation (EFG) has developed this project that will help to preserve our environment a better place to live in.

The project will generate awareness in the communities and schools as well as formation of City Care Clubs (CCC) so that they will become an agent of change in the society. Regular field intervention on waste cleaning shall be made a habit to the people. Through these interventions, the community and stakeholders will be empowered to perform their functions effectively and efficiently in environment protection. The prospect of the project succeeding is very high because the communities have shown their readiness to work with us in addressing the challenges in the area.

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