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    Save Mother Nature and you will save the World!
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Welcome to Earth Friendly Generation (EFG)

Nagaland is a beautiful place situated in the Northeast corner of India bordering Myanmar (Burma) and surrounded by other states i.e  Assam, Arunachal Pradesh, and Manipur. The state is mountainous with green environment except for a few square kilometers of plain area in Dimapur. The land is gifted with pristine natural beauty and rich natural resources. The people of the state are identified for their unique physical features as well as a distinct environment of blessing. Nagaland is a fine example for a mini-India where people from various tribes, religions group live together enjoying the beauty of nature.

It is our fundamental duties to love and protect our air, water, and land. I suspect most of you here would agree with me that our Environment has a rapid degradation which causes our life in danger. As we become more and more closely linked in this world so-called “Planet Earth” which has full of high-tech communications and growing pollution problems, we must move forward arm in arm, shoulder to shoulder, side by side right here, right now at the right time for our families and for our children.

Join us Today to make this Mission Possible


People Working With US

To emphasize continous environmental protection by working together with people and create a clean, safe place to live for our future generation.

Eco System

Joining together to protect our Eco-System & Making live a better life.


It starts with everyone, recycling will reduce a lot of waste thrown into the city

Clean Water

Creating awareness among people about Clean Water to minimize health issues.

SOLAR Energy

Spreading the word about the abundance of the SUN & uses of Solar Energy


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